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      Software export is a hot topic for Chinese software industry. China's software export is far behind India, an irrefutable fact. While India is talking to be an IT super-power, China must catch up forthwith. Current time is really a good opportunity for expanding offshore software business. IDC and other market survey institutes all have made optimistic prediction. The one reason for that is global shortage of IT workers due to fast growing of IT applications. This factor will mainly govern the future outsourcing market for a long period. Moreover, economy globalization impels outsourcing becomes a routine business strategy for increasing competitiveness.
      On the other side, we should also recognize this market will have a fierce competition. India will take its full advantage as a forerunner to reach an ambitious target, i.e. 50 Billion USD outcome in software export by 2008 and continuously dominate this market as a hegemony. We can say this will be the last chance for China to eat this cake. Although the basic driven force of market mentioned above are still give their play, current economic depression in western countries raises the barrier to enter this market, even enforcing India to re-adjust its plan and strategy. We should have enough confidence in this market, the things we must do are to cope with it very earnestly and never let our guard down.
      By making a comprehensive survey on the international market, we can simply find a clear fact. Due to a urgent need to the market, the western countries are seriously investigating the outsourcing issues. Merely based on the data in our hands, in recent two years a dozen of International conferences or workshops on IT outsourcing are held in each year. All problems possibly met in outsourcing are discussed and analyzed one by one, to seek the solutions and sum up experiences and lessons. Contrast with that, we will find our gap in this area. We often are satisfied on slogans and empty talks, rather than the problem study and actions. Therefore, we'd like to appeal loudly here that we should sit down and investigate the issues first in order to have a good preparation for market competitions. During the contact with foreign clients, we often find they have keen interests in doing business with China, but lack of understanding in China. To help overseas clients know more about and create a good image for China, as well as to help domestic software providers know more about requirements from overseas clients and create a good atmosphere for study, supported by Shanghai Municipal Government and Ministry of Science & Technology, we have proposed to hold the China Offshore Outsourcing Summit 2002 at Shanghai in next November for promoting China's software export. We have a special web page on this big event and gathering. To learn experiences from other countries, we also collect the IT Action Plans of Indian Government, Related Research Organizations on Outsourcing, to see how they are doing their jobs in a thoroughgoing manner.
      To promote an efficient software export, this web site has compiled many useful reference materials. e.g. the new e-Service Capability Model (eSCM) for IT outsourcing providers, which was just released by CMU in last November and introduced in this year AP SEPG tour in China, and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) & Management (SLM) for outsourcing quality management, and Strategy for Software Export/ Experiences & Lessons, as well as the International Resource Web Sites on Outsourcing.

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